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Bipolar disorder in children and

adolescents: General aspects



Carlos Alves Bezerra Filho1, Luana Tavares  Lucena Siqueira1,  Ângela Maria Leal Barros Bezerra2, Priscilla Almeida Braga Venâncio2,  Modesto Leite Rolim-Neto1, Carmem Ulisses Peixoto Esmeraldo3, Maria Eliana Pierre Martins3.      




Introduction:  Bipolar affective disorder (BP) is an injurious and high heritable psychiatric  disease whose prevalence increases worldwide,  bringing great preoccupation since not rarely it promotes irreversible damages for the personality  and many times leads patient for suicide. oBjective: Here we evince the main aspects of bipolar disorder involvement in children and adolescents, including the subtypes, the age groups most frequently associated,  the parental heritage and pharmacological  treatment generally used. results: BP diangnosis is difficult, especially  the identification of episodes and symptoms like grandiosity and elation in young children. Parents mood disordes have a great contribution to increase risk to emerge BP in children. The mark for the onset of high-risk period of major mood episodes associated with bipolar disorder is the adolescence.  Even though the progress in studies, a definitive pharmacological  treatment is not defined,  therefore the monotherapy with either mood stabilizers or second generation (atypical) antipsychotic medications is recommended as the first-line treatment for pediatric  bipolar  I disorder and it has a great ally: psychosocial  therapy. Conclusion: BP exists in children and adolescents, but its disgnosis is difficult. Since its prevalence increases and the damages oftentimes are irreversible, sometimes leading the patient to practice  suicide,  there must be a quickly identification os the triggers to prevent BP and protect youth.

Key words: Bipolar disorder, children, adolescents.



palavras-chave: Maracujá,  Passiflora incarnata, ansiedade,  tratamento, revisão sistemática.




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