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Sexual behavior and progesterone levels in elderly female capuchin monkeys (Cebus libidinosus)



Rosângela C. Rodriguesa, Carolina Carrijob, Carlos Enrique Uribea,  Antonella Gasbaric,  Maria Clotilde H. Tavaresa*





The aging  process  in female  mammals,  including humans,  is characterized  by  many  indicative factors  of reproductive  senescence  including reduction  in hormone  levels, fertility and  sexual activity. The aim of this study was  to  characterize  the  sexual  behavior  repertoire  and  the progesterone   levels  in  elderly female capuchin  monkeys of Primate Center of University of Brasília. Three times a week during three months, sexual and  non-sexual  behaviors  of  six Cebus  libidinosus females   two elderly and  four  young  adults  -  were monitored.  Focal  animal sampling, with continuous  and  instantaneous   methods,  was  used.  Results show differences in behavioral repertoire and progesterone  levels between elderly female and young adults. Elderly monkeys demonstrated  lower expression in the sexual behavior  in almost  all categories  observed  and  the levels of  progesterone   were  significantly  lower  than  those  measured   in  young  adults.  These  results  are discussed  in  terms  of  physiological  aging in  Cebus  and  highlight  the  importance  of  these  subjects  for comparative aging research.

Keywords: sexual behavior, progesterone  levels, capuchin monkeys, aging, Cebus libidinosus.



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