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Early maladaptive schemas of women

who are victims of domestic violence in Pernambuco/Brazil


Leila Maria Vieira Medeiros1*

& Valdenilson Ribeiro Ribas2                                                                                                                                                                 





The dynamics of violence that exists nowadays  seems to have acquired a structural form, causing great negative impact on contemporary society,  because  it is set as an embarrassment act, crime, damage and violation of Human Rights. The objective of this study was to evaluate the Early Maladaptive  Schemas (EMS) presented in women who were victims of domestic violence in Pernambuco in 2006-2009. Two hundred forty participants were assessed by the inventory of EMS of Young, divided into 76 women victims of violence in Pernambuco (MVEP) and 164 not assaulted women (CONTROL).  The data were analyzed by the Chi-Square with p<0.05, distributed in frequency and expressed in percentage.  It was proved  that MVEP presented higher percentage in EMS of fear of abandonment (13.19%), mistrust  (15.38%), grandiosity/superiority (15.38%), emotional inhibition (13.19%)  and excessive and rigid patterns of achievement (25.27%), when compared to the respective control groups (10.64%; 8.51%; 6.38%; 6.38%; 14.89%, p<0.05*). The conclusion of this study was that MVEP presented a psychological profile characterized by EMS of fear of abandonment and mistrust, indicating failure of secure attachment at the beginning  of life; grandiosity/superiority,  pointing failure of family in the application of realistic limits; and still the emotional inhibition and excessive  and rigid patterns of achievement, characterizing rigid family contact in relation to the expression  of emotions.


KEy words: Maladaptive Schemas. Domestic violence. Victimized women.



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